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Tallulah Gets Hitched Re-Write = MORE EVIL COUSIN TRICKS!

If you remember reading my last newsletter, I shared that book two was fun, but a little too easy, peasy, romance-queezie. I'm a writer so I get to make words up! ;)

SO as a writer who wants to give you the very best story I can tell, Tallulah and Mason are getting a few more challenges thrown their way.

The cousins are going to ramp up the attacks to ruin the wedding too.

I will continue to post updated chapters if I get feedback that everyone wants them.

The final draft is not due for a few weeks so if you have feedback or ideas I would love to hear them!

Of course, you will want to jump into the re-write and see how things are going for our couple, so you can read it below or grab the link here and download the PDF to read later.

Either way, I hope you enjoy Chapter One and send me your thoughts!

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