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Good News with a little Bad News!!

Into every life, a little rain must fall...or something like that.

I am still excited to share the interview with my amazing voice artist, Naomi Rose-Mock, but alas, she has been under the weather this week and unable to meet.

The good news is, we have not canceled, just postponed the interview.

More good news....I have joined forces with Maris Parker, author of the fabulous Cedar Ridge series, and we have something really fun coming for you this summer. I can't give you too many details just yet, BUT you will have the opportunity to get a preview of the romance between a Southern, country girl and a slightly jaded, strong but quiet Western boy. Maris and I cannot wait to dig into this project and then share it with all of you!

ONLY our followers will get this scoop so if you have friends that might enjoy our project, be sure to share my website and newsletter link so they can follow along as well.

As always, I am so grateful to all of you and open to any ideas/requests you have. Send them my way and let's chat!

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