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Books By Maribelle McCrea



A Tale By Tallulah Louise

Tallulah - I love my life in my Southern town with my close-knit family. Mason seems so close to proposing but I'm afraid to get my hopes up. Our relationship is deepening right at the time Momma gets very sick.
Now, I need everyone around me, especially Mason, to get through this. My family learns to laugh, and love through pain and fear. After all, life is too short to do otherwise, right?


Tallulah Gets Hitched

Tallulah and Mason are getting hitched! 

But it isn't wedded bliss for the happy couple quite yet...

Tallulah thinks being a wedding planner will make putting together her own wedding a piece of cake. But with a groom who's in no hurry to decide on any details, pets that can't get along, a crazy job, and cousins dedicated to sabotaging her special day, things are looking dicey!

She turns to her friends for help, hoping they'll help keep her sane--and out of jail. Colin, her mischievous buddy from New York, even makes a special trip home to infiltrate the cousins' world. Will it be enough to save Tallulah and Mason's big day? Or will their happily ever after end before it ever begins?


For The Love Of Rhett

Kailey - She thinks love is an illusion. She's never known love from her parents, so how can she trust what's happening now?
Rhett - He's never been without love. He's crazy about her but can't understand why she pushes him away.

Will Rhett have the patience to help Kailey learn what real love is?
How can Kailey believe that true love is possible?

Are you looking for something special for yourself or someone you know who loves reading?



Past, Perfect, Polo

Tallulah is Polo’s last chance. One too many people have been bitten and he’s headed for the pound.


But does Tallulah have what it takes to undo the damage that this pup has endured?

Polo arrives in Tallulah’s world just as she is taking her relationship with Mason to the next level. Will his support help her breakthrough Polo’s fears and reform this damaged dog?

Mason has never owned a dog but seems committed to Tallulah and Polo in a way that suggests a greater future than Tallulah had hoped was possible. 

Despite the challenges, will love win? 

Find out in this delightful sweet clean romance.

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